Show & Tell

The staff really appreciate the effort that parents make to provide a small item in their child’s bag each session, particularly those items that their child has a particular interest in.
Small group time is an invaluable time where staff can develop children’s listening and speaking skills. It also gives opportunities to:
  • Engage in conversation and share their news and interests.
  • Take turns to speak and to listen to their peers.
  • Learn how to answer simple questions and how to ask simple questions
  • Respect each other’s property
  • A short period of time for children to focus and concentrate on task.
  • Gives an opportunity for staff to observe and monitor children’s communication skills and identify any Speech and Language concerns.
We have observed that those children who do bring in a variety of items engage better and are more focused at small group time. Thank you for your support.
There are times however, that it is not appropriate to stop the flow of the session to do Show and Tell. Staff are aware that if the children are highly engaged in meaningful activities together then it may be more beneficial for them to continue playing rather than regroup for show and tell. If a child is very keen to share their bag then we can always accommodate them individually! 

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